How Lupain Tenerife Estate Agents Help Property Buyers

Tenerife is the ideal spot for a second home away from home.
Lupain offers you an exquisite selection of property in Tenerife, as well as a high level of security of your purchase.

The first and foremost reason why Tenerife has attracted so many international property investors, is the weather. The geographic location of this island just off the coast of Africa, in the subtropical climatic area, enables its residents to enjoy warm weather and beaches all year round.

This all year round warm season offers another excellent benefit to investors in Tenerife properties. You have the opportunity to rent your holiday home to tourists visiting this island all year round, as opposed to only a couple of summer months. This means your property can yield an income throughout the whole year, thus enabling you to benefit from a higher return on your investment than investors on the Spanish mainland, for instance, who can only rent their holiday homes for a few months a year. You can live in your property during the winter months and then list it on the market for rentals for the remaining months of the year, if you so wish.

As Tenerife is officially part of Spain, it enjoys all the benefits and security offered by the European Union to its member states and their residents. This means that property buyers aren’t exposed to as many risks as when investing in properties in countries and territories outside the EU. In fact, they aren’t exposed to any risks, as long as they follow the legal route when buying a property.

Finding the right property in Tenerife is as simple as contacting Auctions in Tenerife and telling them what your requirements are. They have a broad portfolio of properties on this wonderful island, which you can view directly on their website. The property list is updated in real time, granting you access to all new properties on the market as soon as they become available for sale.



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